Savez-vous qu'avec plus de 250 nouveaux diplômés par an, le Languedoc Roussillon est une des principales sources RH dans le domaine des géosciences et de l'environnement, au niveau national?
  • Did you know that with more than 250 new graduates ever year, Languedoc-Roussillon is one of France’s foremost HR sources for the geoscience and environment sector?
  • Terinov Training offers vocational training in geoscience subjects for beginners and experts.

Terinov Training courses

Terinov Training offers vocational training in geoscience subjects for beginners and experts. These are field courses taking place over 1-6 days.

Training is in English or French and is delivered by specialists (scientists from academia or experienced technicians from partner companies).

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Courses at University of Montpellier

The Department of Earth Science, Water and Environment of University of Montpellier II, a member of Terinov’s Board of Directors, offers the following geoscience courses :

This is a general course designed to direct students progressively towards a Master’s degree or a vocational diploma for rapid integration into a professional situation.

This prepares students for careers in applied geoscience, teaching and research. It is made up of two specialisations :

  • Earth dynamics and natural hazards is a highly specialised, multidisciplinary earth science course which covers geodynamic mechanisms right through to the evaluation of natural hazards (earthquakes, landslides, flooding, climate).
  • Geology of reservoirs Montpellier Aix-Marseille rains specialists (sedimentology – plate tectonics – geophysics of drilling – seismic and surface imaging – metallogeny) in the exploration, exploitation, protection and modelling of georeservoirs in different fields of application: oil exploration, mineral resources, hydrogeology, underground storage, waste containment.
  •  PhD in Geoscience

The PhD course trains future managers through basic or applied research supervised by scientists of the Géosciences Montpellier laboratory.  A large number of the theses are conducted as collaborative projects with industry (such as the CIFRE programme) which offer companies a means of conducting R&D. Several PhD graduates of the University of Montpellier have set up their own businesses, which are currently members of Terinov.

Courses at Perpignan University

Earth Science and Environment courses at UPVDD

Perpignan’s Via Domitia university (UPVD), a member of TERINOV, offers earth science and environment courses from undergraduate degrees to PhDs, including Master’s degrees. Graduates of UPVD’s Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses are equipped to occupy technical, engineering, management or research posts in the fields of marine geoscience, oceanography and the environment for public and private institutions, as well as administrative and consulting functions.

Courses at Ecole des Mines d'Ales

Master’s degree (M1 and M2): “Mineral Resources and Operations”, optional course at Department of Civil Engineering

Engineering courses in :

  • Extraction, processing and recovery of mineral raw materials,
  • Production of construction materials
  • Equipment and explosives.

The twenty or so engineers who take this course every year easily find work in the quarrying (aggregates, industrial mineral, cement), mining (metals) and construction and public works sectors.