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Services available in the cluster

The Terinov cluster and its partners offer a range of services geared specifically to businesses and laboratories in the geoscience sector. All you have to do to take advantage of these services is become a member of Terinov.

Searching for a partner/technology 

Are you looking for a scientific or industrial partner? Are you in search of innovative technology, a specific patent or particular expertise?

Terinov and its partners can help you find the key partner best suited to your project.

Setting up an innovative R&D project

Do you want to develop an R&D innovation with one or more public/private partners?

Terinov and its partners can help you :
  • Find the partner(s) to provide the know-how, technology or patent you need for your innovation project
  • Set up the funding you need to realise your project

International expansion

Do you want to promote your organisation abroad, find a new partner on another continent or gain access to a promising new market?

The aim of Terinov and its partners is to act jointly to:
  • Let you exhibit/participate in the key international geoscience conferences or in collective exploratory missions in certain countries at attractive prices.
  • Represent you commercially at the largest international business conventions

Knowing your environment

Technology and competitor benchmarking, new standards, scientific studies… knowing your market is crucial to the success of your missions.  Do you lack the time and/or the means to get fast access to the right information?

By networking and pooling its members’ expertise and skills, Terinov provides access to shared resources, notably through access to the Cluster’s intranet, sharing documents, studies, contacts, projects and more.

Education and training

Are you looking to optimise your skills with continuous education, or are you simply in search of introductory training? Do you want to set up a specialist training course or participate in creating a new introductory training course in line with your market? Are you looking ahead to recruiting your future staff?

Terinov and its partners can help you:
  • Find tailored continuing education courses
  • Find the right introductory training course in one of the geosciences
  • Discover the range of training courses available in the region and publicise the skills that you need

Getting yourself known

Do you want to publish news about your organisation, promote your business or advertise a need?

You can promote your organisation and news on Terinov’s Web site.

Finding partners

Finding technologies